Dano: 61.54 (+3.5/nível)
Alcance do ataque: 125
Velocidade de movimento: 325
Armadura: 44 (+4/nível)
Resistência contra mágica: 32.1 (+1.3/nível)

#1646.6%Popularidade mensalPorcentagem de ganhos mensais
Pontos de saúde:       582.6 (+95/nível)
Pontos de mana: 267.2 (+40/nível)
Velocidade de ataque: 0.625 (+1.1%/nível)
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Informações de contra-ataque

Mana Barrier Vídeo


When Blitzcrank's life is brought below 20% health, he activates Mana Barrier. This creates a mana shield equal to 50% of his mana for 10 seconds. Mana Barrier can only occur once every 90 seconds.

Rocket Grab Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 20/19/18/17/16s100 {{ abilityresourcename }}

Blitzcrank fires his right hand to grab an opponent on its path, dealing damage and dragging it back to him.

Overdrive Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 15s75 {{ abilityresourcename }}

Blitzcrank super charges himself to get dramatically increased Movement and Attack Speed. He is temporarily slowed after the effect ends.

Power Fist Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 9/8/7/6/5s25 {{ abilityresourcename }}

Blitzcrank charges up his fist to make his next attack deal double damage and pop his target up in the air.

Static Field Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 60/40/20s100 {{ abilityresourcename }}

Passively causes lightning bolts to damage a nearby enemy. Additionally, Blitzcrank can activate this ability to damage nearby enemies and silence them for 0.5 seconds, but doing so removes the passive lightning until Static Field becomes available again.

Itens comuns: Oracle Lens Boots of Mobility Poro-Snax Control Ward Abyssal Mask Locket of the Iron Solari +