Dano: 61.036 (+3.2/nível)
Alcance do ataque: 125
Velocidade de movimento: 345
Armadura: 30.88 (+3.5/nível)
Resistência contra mágica: 32.1 (+1.3/nível)

#9540.0%Popularidade mensalPorcentagem de ganhos mensais
Pontos de saúde:       589 (+85/nível)
Pontos de mana: 100
Velocidade de ataque: 0.644 (+1.9%/nível)
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Informações de contra-ataque

Junkyard Titan Vídeo


Every spell Rumble casts gives him Heat. When he reaches 50% Heat he reaches Danger Zone, granting all his basic abilities bonus effects. When he reaches 100% Heat, he starts Overheating, granting his basic attacks bonus damage, but making him unable to cast spells for a few seconds.

Flamespitter Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 10/9/8/7/6s175/210/245/280/315 Heat

Rumble torches opponents in front of him, dealing magic damage in a cone for 3 seconds. While in Danger Zone this damage is increased.

Scrap Shield Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 6s10/15/20/25/30 Heat

Rumble pulls up a shield, protecting him from damage and granting him a quick burst of speed. While in Danger Zone, the shield strength and speed bonus is increased.

Electro Harpoon Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 0.5s15/20/25/30/35 Heat

Rumble launches a taser, electrocuting his target with magic damage and slowing their Movement Speed. Rumble can carry 2 harpoons at a time. While in Danger Zone the damage and slow percentage is increased.

The Equalizer Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 110/100/90sNo Cost

Rumble fires off a group of rockets, creating a wall of flames that damages and slows enemies.

Itens comuns: Liandry's Torment Sorcerer's Shoes Rylai's Crystal Scepter Poro-Snax Blasting Wand Amplifying Tome +