Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench
Dano: 56 (+3.2/nível)
Alcance do ataque: 175
Velocidade de movimento: 335
Armadura: 47 (+3.5/nível)
Resistência contra mágica: 32.1 (+1.3/nível)

#11738.6%Popularidade mensalPorcentagem de ganhos mensais
Pontos de saúde:       610 (+95/nível)
Pontos de mana: 325 (+40/nível)
Velocidade de ataque: 0.625 (+2.5%/nível)
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Informações de contra-ataque

An Acquired Taste Vídeo


Tahm Kench puts the heft of his immense body behind his attacks and abilities, gaining extra damage based on his total health. Damaging enemy champions builds stacks of An Acquired Taste. At three stacks, he can use Devour on an enemy champion.

Tongue Lash Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 6s50 Mana

Tahm Kench lashes out with his tongue, damaging and slowing the first unit hit. This ability gains a stun after three stacks of An Acquired Taste.

Devour Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 14/13/12/11/10s90 Mana

Tahm Kench devours a target, dealing a percentage of their maximum health as magic damage. He can spit devoured minions and monsters out as a skillshot that deals magic damage in an area upon impact.

Thick Skin Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 6s50 Mana

Tahm Kench turns incoming damage into gray health. As gray health decays, Tahm Kench is healed for a percentage of the gray health amount. When activated, this ability turns all gray health into a shield.

Abyssal Voyage Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 120/110/100s100 Mana

Tahm Kench teleports across the map, and he may bring one ally champion with him.

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