Dano: 55 (+3.5/nível)
Alcance do ataque: 150
Velocidade de movimento: 340
Armadura: 25 (+3.4/nível)
Resistência contra mágica: 32.1 (+1.3/nível)

#8446.9%Popularidade mensalPorcentagem de ganhos mensais
Pontos de saúde:       575 (+90/nível)
Pontos de mana: 300 (+60/nível)
Velocidade de ataque: 0.625 (+2%/nível)
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  2. Q
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Informações de contra-ataque

Bravado Vídeo


Spellcasts empower Taric's next 2 basic attacks to deal bonus magic damage, reduce his spell cooldowns, and attack in quick succession.

Starlight's Touch Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 3s70/80/90/100/110 Mana, all Charges

Heals nearby allied champions based on charges stored.

Bravado-empowered attacks reduce this recharge time more than usual.

Bastion Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 15s60 Mana

Passively increase the Armor of Taric and any allied champion with Bastion.

Actively shields an ally and grants them Bastion for as long as they remain near Taric. Taric's spells also cast off the ally with Bastion.

Dazzle Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 17/16/15/14/13s60 Mana

Taric readies a beam of starlight that, after a brief delay, deals magic damage and stuns enemies.

Cosmic Radiance Vídeo

Tempo de recarga de 160/130/100s100 Mana

Pulses cosmic energy onto nearby allied champions after a delay, making them invulnerable for a short duration.

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